• Corrine dancing on the beach.


Alumni Spotlight: Corrine Cranmer, '15

Accelerating her college studies to graduate in three years instead of the traditional four, Corinne Cranmer explains, “I just wanted to put all my focus on dance.”

To reach her goal, the dance and musical theatre dual major took classes year round, completing her general education courses in the summer. “This was the best choice for me,” Cranmer says. The decision allowed Cranmer to launch her career early, joining Philadelphia dance company Beyond Dance. The company’s goal is to broaden audiences’ horizons and, as such, they perform in multiple genres including pop, modern, ballet and jazz. She also teaches children’s dance classes in Camden and Gloucester Counties in southern New Jersey.

Cranmer began dancing at 3 years old and always aspired to dance professionally. Her education and extracurricular activities at Rowan helped to transform her understanding of dance from one of technique to one of artistry. She cites Professor Paule Turner as the most influential person in her career, saying, “He taught me so much about the art of dance, that it’s more than just a bunch of turns and jumps. There is a reason to do that turn, a reason to do that jump right at that moment.”

Outside the classroom, Cranmer participated in Dance Extensions, the student dance club that sponsors the production of a spring semester student-choreographed dance concert. She was also a member of the touring cabaret group. Developed in partnership with a Philadelphia musician, the group performs every Friday at area high schools and on Rowan’s campus.

Today, Cranmer aspires to continue to grow as a dancer with Beyond Dance. “I have been able to incorporate my Rowan dance education knowledge into my work, both as a dancer and a choreographer,” Cranmer says.

She also shares, “I want to take the lessons that Paule Turner taught me, and inspire my students to approach dance creatively and have their own ‘a ha!’ moment at a young age.”