Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar



Adjunct Professor Daniel Boring - Guitar and Lute

About the Program

The guitar program at Rowan University is an intense program that includes solo, small group, chamber music, and ensemble playing. Degree programs include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor in Education and Master of Music in Performance. Each of these degrees has its own curriculum and requirements outside of the guitar studio, and their own syllabi inside the guitar studio. There is a handbook which thoroughly details the course of study for all 8 semesters including jury examinations, repertoire, and recitals. Each of these courses of study requires an audition. For more information about the audition, or to acquire a copy of the handbook, please contact Professor Joseph Mayes.

The internationally distinguished faculty of the guitar program has been dedicated to the growth and development of this program for over 40 years. Graduates have gone on to prestigious graduate schools such as The Cleveland Institute of Music, Radford University, University of Delaware, Shenandoah University, Eastman University, and The University of Acron. Undergraduates have won competitions, taken part in master classes given by touring artists, and been published in "Soundboard," the organ of the Guitar Foundation of America.

The students of classical guitar enjoy studying together, playing for each other in a master class setting, reading together in a large ensemble, and socializing together. They have gone, as a group, to the Guitar Foundation of America's annual convention, and they interact with guitarists from the Philadelphia area in the Philadelphia Classical guitar Society. They are a true "Community of Scholars."