Admission Requirements


Audition Information

All applicants for the undergraduate B.A. degrees in Theatre and Dance must apply to admissions for acceptance into the university and audition for the department for acceptance into the program.

Rowan's Department of Theatre and Dance is a cutting-edge program that encourages innovative, creative, and independent artists. We promote intensive cross-disciplinary studies among performance forms. Therefore, we will be looking at your openness towards collaboration and your willingness to work outside your comfort zone during the admission, audition and interview process.

Step 1: Select one of the following major or concentration options:

  1. Theater: Performance (Acting)
  2. Theater: Musical Theater
  3. Theater: Design and Tech
  4. Theater: Theater Education
  5. Dance

Step 2: Apply to University
Submit your common application to the university. List theater or dance as your intended major. Note: Admissions will not process your application until after your audition. If you are not accepted into our program, you may still attend Rowan with a different major.

Step 3: Register for an Audition

Once you have applied to the university, choose an audition date. Auditions will be held December 7, 2019; January 26, 2020; February 16, 2020; March 8, 2020; April 4, 2020.


You may not audition without initiating your application. You will receive an email confirming your audition slot within two weeks of registering. It is strongly recommended that all students appear on campus to audition. If you live outside this region and are unable to appear on campus, audition materials may be submitted electronically. Please contact or call 856.256.4030 for instructions on how to submit materials by mail. Please include all audition elements listed below on your audition tape.


Step 4: Prepare your audition for the appropriate track (see below.)


Step 5: Come to campus on your chosen date. All applicants should wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and be prepared for the following audition timetable:

  • 9:30-9:45am: Registration in the lobby of Wilson Hall. Coffee and breakfast will be available.
  • 9:45am: Presentation by Theatre and Dance faculty followed by Q&A (parents and family are encouraged to attend)
  • 11:00am: All tracks/majors participate in a collaborative devising workshop.
  • Noon -3pm: Applicants split into groups for discipline/specific audition.
  • Requirements listed below.

    Theater: Performance Track (Acting)
    Prepare two contrasting monologues from published plays. The total time for introduction and both pieces should not exceed 3 minutes maximum. Pieces may contrast in style, tone, emotional range or character and should exhibit your range of skills and ability. Limit your introduction to your name, play titles, and authors. Please bring a resume listing your theater experience.

    Theater: Musical Theater
    Prepare the following:

    1. 16 bars of singing from a pre-1960 classic musical
    2. 16 bars of singing from a post-1960 musical or popular song
    3. A one minute dramatic monologue

    Please do not exceed time limits. Pieces may contrast in style, tone, or character and should exhibit your range of skills and ability. Choose material that fits your range. Limit your introduction to your name, music and play titles, and authors. Please bring a resume listing your theater experience. Please bring sheet music for a live accompaniment for all songs - electronic playback will not be accepted.

    Theater: Design/Tech
    Please prepare a portfolio containing pictures, photos, drawings, drafting, programs or sketches you have used to execute and/or document your work. Support material can be from one or more design or technical disciplines. You will be interviewed about your experience and your future goals in a group setting. Please bring a resume of your recent performance and/or technical activities with you to the interview.

    Theater: Theater Education
    Please follow ANY ONE of the above discipline-specific the audition requirements. Also be prepared to discuss your commitment to theater education.

    Following the group workshop, you will take a modern dance technique class that includes group choreography, improvisation, and other movement experiences. At the conclusion of the technique class, the dance faculty will conduct informal interviews with each prospective student. Prospective students need to be prepared to answer the following questions: How do you define dance practice and performance? What most interests you about studying dance at Rowan University?

    If you have any further questions please contact Paule Turner, Chair of Theatre and Dance at or call 856-256-4030.