We are accepting applications for Fall 2023!


Dear Prospective Student,

We are excited to announce that Rowan University’s Department of Theatre & Dance is accepting submissions for Fall 2023.

Submit your Admissions Application, here! 


On-Campus AUDITION DATES for 2023

March 4th,2023 - No Dance Auditions 
April 2nd,2023 

Regional Audition Dates for 2023 

Click the event below to submit your registration form. 

New incoming students will also need to complete an Admissions Application, here.

March 1-5, SETC Lexington KY (Acting, Design/Tech Only)

March 1-5, National High School Dance Festival, Pittsburgh PA (Dance Only)


Virtual Auditions for 2023

If you are unable to attend an on-campus audition but would still like the opportunity to audition for the department please click here to schedule your virtual audition. 

New incoming students will need to also complete an Admissions Application here. 


Virtual Requirements


New First Year and Transfer Students 

If you already applied for a major in College of Performing Arts, you will see a link to schedule your audition on your Applicant Status Portal.

If your major is not in the College of Performing arts, please email so we can manually add the audition scheduling link to your Applicant Status Portal.


Current Rowan University Students (Adding/Changing Major or Adding Concentration)

If you are interested in adding, changing your major, adding a concentration please click here to access the audition form to schedule your audition. If you pass your audition, you will need to follow the University's process for adding or changing your major.​​



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