"Having Doug and Dennis at school every day as full time faculty really set Rowan apart from most other jazz programs and conservatories. The jazz faculty were always there teaching, hanging out, or listening to music. On any given day I might have gone into their offices three or four times-any time I had a question or concern their doors were open. When I had trouble with a chord symbol, an odd scale, a compositional concern, or some stylistic issue they would not only answer it but they would play me recordings, lend me books about it, and/or jam with me until I got it! In this way I was really immersed in music while at Rowan. Rowan also did something that few other jazz programs do-they offered two hours of lessons a week, one for jazz and one for classical. Although at times this was quite a lot of work, it ensured that the students became well-rounded musicians. After I graduated I found that Rowan had really prepared me for almost every type of gig. I never needed the excuse, "Oh I'm just a jazz player." Studying at Rowan gave me lots of performance experience, both within and outside of the school. I learned how to develop a good reputation, how to keep contractors happy, and how to successfully manage my career as a musician. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Rowan."

Nicholas Recuber
BA Jazz Studies Rowan University
Master of Music The Juilliard School, Graduate Certificate, Fellowship Student, The University of Southern California

"My tenure in the Rowan University Jazz Department has been filled with open doors and opportunities ... Denis DiBlasio especially, will offer to guide the student through the different avenues that lead to this new area of study ...Just the fact that as jazz instrumental performance major I spend twenty minutes a week in a one-on-one setting with the classical choral director talking about composition speaks volumes for the openness of the faculty."

Nicholas Fernadez

"As a jazz performance major, I have been very well prepared for any direction I decide to go in. The program has emphasizes a high level of physical technique on my instrument, and a thorough understanding of jazz harmony. As an individual, I am able to mold my own style and be creative, while never loosing the integrity of Jazz that has been taught to me at Rowan."

Dave Lackner

"Studying at the Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz gave me the opportunity to interact with an outstanding faculty that has greatly helped my musical career."

Brian Betz

"The Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz at Rowan University has provided me with opportunities that are both innumerable and invaluable. The faculty's experience, overall knowledge, and encouragement molds a serious learning environment where I have been able to comfortably grow as a musician, listener, and person. While learning and musical development never stops, my time at the Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz has honed my skills so."

Ryan Holquist