The Puppet Cycle: Small World Stories

  • Close-up of a small puppet theatre with two elephant marionettes in dresses, framed by red curtains.
  • Close-up of a small black puppet theater, with red curtains, and two large puppet lips frowning, with legs.
  • A man posed in a pink trench coat, black beanie, and sunglasses, seated atop cargo bicycle with a large black puppet theatre box on it that says Phantom Limb Co. Another man in a beige plaid suit, red beanie and white sunglasses is leaning against the structure, in the middle of an urban plaza surrounded by people, trees, and buildings.

The Puppet Cycle: Small World Stories

Marie Rader Presenting Series

Phantom Limb Company's


Sunday, April 23, 2023

2:00 PM & 4:00 PM on the Wilson Hall Patio

THE PUPPET CYCLE: Small World Stories is the latest from Phantom Limb Company, the New York City-based partnership known for its distinctive storytelling, social engagement and sophisticated visual style. Working in collaboration with playwrights Jen Silverman and Dipika Guha, Phantom Limb has created a family-friendly bill of marionette plays performed on a solar powered movable stage—a specially adapted cargo bike. Each playlet is a snapshot of living in this precious, precarious moment. Jen Silverman’s Frown Town looks at the upside of feeling down, and Dipika Guha’s Elephantasia features a pachyderm who dreams of flight. With characteristic humor and a tinge of darkness, THE PUPPET CYCLE: Small World Stories locates hope in the shadow of so much uncertainty.

Runtime is approximately 40 minutes. Space is limited. 

*The Puppet Cycle: Small World Stories is an all ages performance that references serious topics including sadness and fear of the end of the world. The playlets may help you talk about these topics with the people you share them with.

View the digital program in advance here.

Wheelchair accessible iconAssistive Listening system iconADA approved companion animals welcomeLarge print programs available

Banner photos credit: Argenis Apolinario