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Group Classes

Music Classes

For Students of All Ages!

The Rowan Community Music School is proud to offer classes for young children and their caregivers, students, educators, adult learners and community members

The More You Know!

About Our Classes

Early Childhood

These classes are a fun, engaging, and developmentally sound way to prepare children aged 2-6 years old for a musical life!

Music Theory

These classes cover the fundamental aspects of music theory, including note reading, scales, intervals, clefs, rhythm, form, meter, chord spelling, and basic harmony. All three classes assume no prior knowledge of music theory.

Classes for Adult Learners

This class demystifies the songwriting process and provides the necessary tools to start out on a new path of musical self-expression and refining your songwriting skills!

Chamber Music

Enjoy our chamber classes, which are formed by instrument, age, and ability level! Our chamber classes are available in strings, winds, brass, and percussion chamber music.