Making Group Music: Classes

The Rowan Community Music School is proud to offer classes for educators and community members.  Questions: and 856-430-2697. ​Upon completing the registration and payment online via marketplace students are registered completely for the class.

  • Please read the class description prior to registering and making payment online.
  • Payment is required to participate. 
  • Tuition must be paid online and is non-refundable.
  • Rowan CMS reserves the right to cancel any courses, classes, workshops, and ensembles that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements.
  • Please be advised that we reserve the right to change the format of offerings without notice based on the Federal, State and Local guidelines related to the COVID-19 global health pandemic.

Early Childhood

First Steps in Music: These classes are a fun, engaging and developmentally sound way to prepare children aged 2-6 years old for a musical life. Children will become: 

  1. Tuneful: to have music in their heads and learn to sing that music
  2. Beatful: to feel the beat of music and how that beat is grouped
  3. Artful: to be moved by music in the many ways music can bring about an emotional response.

There are three 10-week semesters First Steps classes.  Each class is 45-minutes in length and must be attended by the child and their caregiver. Contact the Rowan CMS office for more specific class schedule information and pricing or visit the website at:

Music Theory

Introduction to Music Theory (Classes for Middle and High School Students): These classes cover the fundamental aspects of music theory, including note reading, scales, intervals, clefs, rhythm, form, meter, chord spelling, and basic harmony. All three classes assume no prior knowledge of music theory. Advanced theory students are placed into music theory lessons and additional levels. 

Music Industry and Technology

(All DAW Classes meet Saturdays in the Music Technology Lab when possible.) 


Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) 1 for students (Grades 8-12):

In this class, you will learn the basics of Digital Audio Workstations, understand the similarities and differences across all DAW’s and how to quickly pick up a new one through mutual terminology. Learn how to record audio into a DAW (guitar/vocals/synthesizer/etc.) and how to record MIDI sections (drum tracks/piano tracks/synth tracks/etc.). Feel confident that you can record your basic ideas. This class runs in the fall and spring.


Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) 2 for students (Grades 8-12): In this class, you will build upon everything you learned In DAW 1. Mix productions, mix vocals, build upon creative ideas, edit & manipulate the pitch/tempo/key of recorded music, and use the DAW as not just a technical tool, but a musical instrument. Further topics that will be covered: bouncing stems, importing stems, stem mixing, cleaning up mud & harshness in a mix, third party VSTS/plugins, sampling, and more. This class runs in the fall.


Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) 3 for students (Grades 8-12): In DAW 3, you will become proficient in the DAW Agnostic theory. Take your original ideas and transform them into full productions. You will learn about advanced mixing techniques, mastering, mastering for streaming/digital release, and digital distribution. There will also be elements of music business incorporated including mechanical/publishing splits, the basics of publishing, writing to picture, writing for music libraries and more. This class runs in the spring.