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Instructions for Rowan CMS families to buy parking permits

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Instructions for Buying a Parking Permit


  • Click on "BUY PERMITS".
    • If you have a Banner ID, enter your Banner ID and last name.
    • If you do not have a Banner ID, enter 710000123 for the Banner ID and your last name.


  • Click on "Search".


  • Scroll down to "Service 2018-2019" ($45 for a year permit), or the individual semester service permit ($25 for a semester permit)


  • Click on "Add Item" on the year or semester permit.
    • Select the premit you desire to purchase.


  • Then continue to "Create New Account" or "Sign Into Your Account" if you have an existing account.


  • Fill out the form and follow the checkout steps.


  • After checking out, you will receive an email confirmation when the permit has been approved.


  • Follow the instructions for displaying the the permit on your car when you receive it in the mail.