Instrumental Ensemble Auditions

Instrumental Ensemble Auditions

Instrumental Ensemble Auditions

Join a Rowan University Instrumental Ensemble --- open to students of all majors!!! Fall 2022 Auditions will be held in-person on Sunday, September 4 & Monday September 5 (the two days before Fall Classes begin). Auditions for Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, String Ensemble, and Concert Band are held in Wilson 156. Auditions for Jazz Band are held in Wilson 135. Read below for more information and to sign up; don't hesitate to contact Dr. Higgins (Director of Bands) at with any questions!

Keyboard Majors: If you are a piano or organ major, then you are not required to complete an ensemble audition on your primary instrument; however, you may certainly still participate! To perform on a secondary non-keyboard instrument, please sign up for the appropriate audition below. To perform on piano/celeste/organ with the Wind Ensemble or Orchestra, please contact Dr. Higgins for more information (



Sunday, September 4, 2022 (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION TIME for Day One)

  • 10:00am  Clarinet
  • 11:15am  Flute
  • 12:30pm  Bassoon
  • 1:00pm  Oboe
  • 1:30pm  Saxophone
  • 3:30pm  Strings

Monday, September 5, 2022 (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION TIME for Day Two)

  • 9:00am  Trumpet
  • 12:00pm  Horn
  • 12:45pm  Trombone
  • 1:30pm  Euphonium
  • 2:25pm  Tuba
  • 3:15pm  Percussion

A PDF of audition requirements for woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments may be downloaded below...




Clarinet: EXCERPTS (All students should plan to audition on b-flat clarinet only.)

Saxophone: EXCERPTS



Trombone & Bass Trombone: EXCERPTS  (Play either "trombone" or "bass trombone," not both.)

Euphonium: EXCERPTS (Non-music majors should prepare only the "Euphonium excerpts" materials. Music majors must prepare both that and the "additional excerpts" materials. Prof. Fahrner will contact music majors before the audition date to specify which of the additional materials will be included.)


Percussion: EXCERPTS



JAZZ BAND - FALL 2022 Details

Auditions will take place on Sunday, September 4 and Monday, September 5 (10am-4pm each day) in Denis DiBlasio's office (Wilson 135). Please CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR A JAZZ BAND AUDITION TIME!

Horns, piano, bass, and guitar:

1) Play melody to Charlie Parker’s Confirmation (Medium tempo swing - 125 mm)
2) Solo using a backing track to four choruses of F Blues , medium tempo
3) In addition...
---Bass: Walk the changes to Confirmation for two choruses same tempo.
---Piano and guitar: Comp the changes to Confirmation for two choruses tempo.
1) Articulate the melody to Charlie Parker’s Billies Bounce two choruses 12 bars of swing feel (Alternate 4’s solo swing, solo, swing, solo, swing)
2) Play a samba beat 30 for seconds.
3) Play a 4/4 swing beat with brushes for 30 seconds.
4) Play a bossa nova beat for 30 seconds.
5) Play a 3/4 swing beat for 30 seconds.
6) Play along softly to Count Basie’s Corner Pocket (Use the track on YouTube).