2023 Student Award Recipients

2023 Student Award Recipients

CPA Medallion Awards

The medallion award is the highest honor a graduating senior can receive to acknowledge superior performance in a particular field. The medallion distinguishes the student as exceptional, placing them in the ranks of Rowan University’s finest graduates. 

The College of Performing Arts is proud to announce our 2023 award recipients:

Ann B. Ward Creative Acheivement in Fine and Performing Arts Award

Asia Todd

Dr. Barbara Chamberlain Award for Outstanding Excellence in Performing Arts Education

Hope Friddell

Dr. Barbara Chamberlain Award for Outstanding Excellence in Music Production

Eric James Krassow

Dr. Barbara Chamberlain Award for Outstanding Excellence in Singing

Mattie Ballard-Millet 

Joseph Robinette Excellence in Theatre and Dance Award

Stephen A. Minder

Phillip Graneto Excellence in Theatre Award

Erica E. Gerold

W. Clarke Pfleeger Award for Musical Excellence

Lianna Johnson

Jacobs Music Steinway Award

Bryan O'Lone