Reservation Form

Reservation Form

Theater Facilities Scheduling Form

Please note the following before completing this form:
1) Use one form for each individual event.
2) Be sure to specify full rehearsal needs.
3) Forms must be submitted a minimum of 45 days prior to requested event date (including rehearsals)
4) Student requests must be oked by a faculty adviser (fill in all faculty advisor information)
5) Approvals of this form will be only after phone call from Theater Arts Management office and upon approval, you will receive a confirmation memo.
6) Sponsoring organization must agree to pay all costs of all staff services, security, equipment rental, consumable supplies, tunings, and breakage incurred in association with this event.
7) Classrooms must be reserved separately through the Registers office!

Name of Event:

Brief description of event:

Length of Event:     Is there an intermission?   Yes   No

Performance (Day, Date (xx/xx/xxxx), Start Times):

Rehearsal (Day, Date (xx/xx/xxxx), Start Times):

Please check the rooms you need:
Pflegger Concert Hall    (includes all  back stage dressing rooms and lobby)    
Boyd Recital Hall     Upper Lobby    
Tohill Theater (Bunce Hall)  Studio Theater (Bunce Hall) (both include the use of  Room 131)
Other Rooms needed (if any):

Production Needs (Stage, Lighting, Audio, Other special needs):

Do you need a Piano/Organ Tuned? Yes   No
Do you need the event recorded (music department only)? Yes No

Contact Information:
Sponsoring Organization:  
Contact Person:
E-Mail Address:
Office Telephone:  Home Telephone:  Fax:    

Advisor Info (required for all students organizations):
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