30 Years From Now

30 Years From Now

Theatre & Dance

30 Years From Now

Devised and Directed by John Clancy
Written by John Clancy, Casey Clark, Anwar L. Counts,
Candice Figlio, Rosaria Mineo, Craig O'Brien, Merceedes Simmons
Chris Taylor, Maria Wilson, & Jeremy Wright
February 17-25 2005
Tohill Theatre

Production Credits

Director - John Clancy
Assistant Director - Stephanie Lalley
Head Writer - Chris Taylor
Music & Lyrics - John Clancy
Musical Direction & Arrangement - No Joy in Muddville
Movement Director & Producer - Melanie Stewart
Video Producer - Joe'l Ludovich
Video Editor - Will Matthews
Lighting Design - Robert Thorpe
Assistant Lighting Design - Rachel Stewart
Assistant Lighting Design - Kristin Niemiec
Set Design - Bart Healy
Assistant Set Design - Michelle Minnichbach
Costume Design - Stephanie Nichols
Assistant Costume Design - Stephanie Wojcik
Dramaturgy - Joanna Congalton
Stage Manager - Michael Sheehan
Technical Director - Tom Fusco
Costume Shop Supervisor - Stephanie Nichols
Wardrobe Crew - Christian Porrovecchio
Wardrobe Crew - Brian Hook
Props Master - Michelle Minnichbach
Set Construction - Stagecraft I and II
Light Board Operator - James Battaglia
Sound Board Operator - Rob Klimowski
Run Crew - Rachel Krupnick
Run Crew - Tiffany Marc-Fletcher
Video Supervisor - Joe'l Ludovich
Video Team - Geoff Nichol, Susan Maridunea, Mark Morena, Jon Waller, Andrea Witting, Justin Krapf, Will Matthews, Gregg Small

Cast Credits

Ensemble - Casey Clark
Ensemble - Anwar L. Counts
Ensemble - Candice Figlio
Ensemble - Rosaria Mineo
Ensemble - Craig O'Brien
Ensemble - Merceedes Simmons
Ensemble - Maria Wilson
Ensemble - Jeremy Wright

Panel of Experts

Robert D'Augustine
Donald Farish
Ashok Gangadean
Erick Guerra
Shreekanth Mandayam
Mayor Leo McCabe
Patricia Mosto
Corann Okorodudu
Maria Simone

Director's Notes

30YFN is an experiment in form. Meshing the energy of a live concert with the emotional arc of the performers' individual stories and then splicing that combination with videotaped interviews with a diverse group of academics and experts, 30YFN moves quickly and in many directions. Our goal is not so much cohesion as communion, a chance for all of us - performers and audience alike - to sit together for two hours and look ahead, asking questions and imagining our collective future.

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