One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Theatre & Dance

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

by Dale Wasserman
based on the novel by Ken Kesey
October 14-22, 2005
Tohill Theatre

Production Credits

Director - Simone Federman
Assistant Director - Stephanie Lalley
Costume Design - Heidi Barr
Lighting Design - Robert Thorpe
Sound Design - David Cimetta
Set Design - Bart Healy
Assistant Set Design - Michelle Minnichbach
Film Direction - Joe'l Ludovich
Film Direction - Simone Federman
Film Editor - David Cimetta
Movement Coach - Bethany Formica
Technical Director - Tom Fusco
Props Master - Shelly Minnichbach
Stage Manager - Kristin Niemiec
Assistant Stage Manager - Samantha Simmonds
Costume Shop Supervisor - Stephanie Nichols
Wardrobe Crew - Tracy Sweeney
Wardrobe Crew - James Battaglia
Master Carpenter - Eddie Keith
Carpentry - Stagecraft I and II
Light Board Operator - Andrea Drake
Sound Board Operator - Kevin Lau
Projectionist - Rachel Stewart
Poster Design - Jessica Kuderski

Cast Credits

Randle Patrick McMurphy - Chris Legentil
Chief Bromden - Chris Taylor
Dale Harding - Brian Lynch
Billy Bibbit - Aaron Debski
Scanlon - Michael Sheehan
Cheswick - Sean Murphy
Martini - Nick Rossi
Ruckley - Tim Rinehart
Nurse Ratched - Eileen Ashley
Dr. Spivey - Craig O'Brien
Nurse Flinn - Jennifer Yue
Aide Warren - Walter Bryant
Aide Williams - Anwar L. Counts
Aide Turkle - Josh Jackson
Candy Starr - Angela Smith
Sandra - Sue Marchetti
Isaac Montgomery - Joe Pilitowski
Jenkins - Stevan Szczytko
Kilroy - Owen Jones
Leopold - Christian Porrovecchio
Jason Mitchell - Chris Imbrosciano

Director's Notes

Welcome to the psychiatric ward. You have now been admitted. It is a world you know well from the movies, from TV, maybe from personal experience, and yet it is also a world you have never entered quite this way before.

Like most of the patients you see around you, you presume you are here on your own free will. After all, you purchased or were given a ticket. You allowed yourself to be admitted. But have you really examined the forces that have come together to put you here in your seat right now? Forces that seek to control not only your studies, your work day, but even the time you consider "your own." Do you really know why you're here now, subject to our control?

Welcome to the Combine. Don't worry, it's not real. Or is it?

How are you feeling? Sane? Annoyed to be asked such a question? How do the other patiencts seem? Do they look "sick" to you? What does that mean anyway? Can you tell the difference between the ones in the seats and the ones on stage? Whose definitions are you using? Now that you're here, take a good look around.

See what you think. That is, if you can distinguish what you are thinking from the mind of the play, the hallucinations of our narrator, Chief Bromden. In some sense we're all in his mind here. Much like our "real" world, it's not a pretty place. Dominance and humiliation, racism, sexism, homophobia and violence abound. Every now and then there's a gap, an opening where it might be possible to get out, to define oneself, to be a part of some kind of change. Do you have the strength?

For the question is not so much what will happen to the characters when it's all over, but what will happen to you? Will you get out? Not just out of the theatre, but out of the grips of the forces of a "civilization" out of control?

Why don't you do something? - McMurphy
Because the world belongs to the strong. - Harding

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