The Fantastic Return of the Fabulous Fable Factory

The Fantastic Return of the Fabulous Fable Factory

Theatre & Dance

The Fantastic Return of the Fabulous Fable Factory

Book by Joseph Robinette
Music by Thomas Tierney
Lyrics by Joseph Robinette & Thomas Tierney
December 2-11, 2005
Tohill Theatre

Production Credits

Director & Choreographer - Melanie Stewart
Assistant Director - Cassandra DePinto
Musical Director - Michael Wall
Piano Accompanist - Will Powell
Sound Score - Michael Wall
Costume Design - Martin A. Thaler
Assistant Costume Design - Stephanie Wojcik
Lighting Design - Robert Thorpe
Assistant Lighting Design - Rachel Stewart
Set Design - Bart Healy
Assistant Set Design - Michelle Minnichbach
Puppet Design & Construction - Phillip A. Graneto
Technical Director - Tom Fusco
Props Master - Shelly Minnichbach
Stage Manager - Joanna Congalton
Assistant Stage Manager - Katharine Tool
Costume Shop Supervisor - Stephanie Nichols
Wardrobe Crew - Joe Pilitowski
Wardrobe Crew - Shelly Minnichbach
Set Construction - Stagecraft I and II
Light Board Operator - Kim Fogle
Sound Board Operator - Stephanie Lalley
Follow-Spot Operator - Kyle Brylczyk
Run Crew - Frank Zywicki
Run Crew - Jocelyn Hsu
Poster Design - Jessica Kuderski

Cast Credits

Aesop - Joe O'Brien
Jake - Craig O'Brien
Straucy - Raye Teyssier
Pluto - Adam Joseph
Cassie - Megan Anderson
Wadsworth - Jeremy Wright
Gretel - Angelina Jerbasi
Felix - Sean Murphy
Emma - Angela Smith

Director's Notes

It is my distinct pleasure and honor to have directed and choreographed The Fantastic Return of the Fabulous Fable Factory. This production is a sequel to an earlier play and marks the distinguished career of Dr. Joseph Robinette at Rowan University. When Joe first came to Rowan (then Glassboro State College) in 1973 he produced the first Fabulous Fable Factory. Now, 30 years later comes its sequel and the opportunity to celebrate Joe's fantastic career. The play is also a tribute to what we value most in the theatre at Rowan: the opportunity to use our imaginations and to rely on ourselves to create original interpretations of dramatic literature. I thank the production team and the cast for their inventiveness and willingness to "play " in the production process.

The Fantastic Return of the Fabulous Fable Factory has been a tremendous ride. I invite you, the audience to come and fly with us!

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